Emerging Markets Russia & Estonia

LCG has many years experience from working in Russia and the Baltic countries where we are present with own offices. We are assisting international companies offering following services:

o    Market surveys, customer wise and set up wise to create the basis for type of organization - own Company, local partner and/or use of 3rd party service provider.

o    Establishment of own organization and developing the warehouse and distribution structure.

o    Cost/benefit analysis for the different organizations and structures.

o    Identify and establish co-operation with a local 3rd party service provider for warehousing and distribution.

o    Benchmarking.

o    Models and solution scenarios.

We are further assisting the local customs authorities in adapting their systems and organizations to international standards and procedures.

Through our daughter company TestDanmark ( we may further assist you in obtaining the mandatory Russian import certificates.

LCG has the experience and contacts needed to ensure that your entry into this area will succeed, and assist you in achieving a competitive level in this, often considered, difficult market.













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