Marine Ports

Port development and Hinterland Infra Structure


With the globalization Marine transport is getting an increasing importance for the global import and    export. The bottle neck for the marine transport is the availability of modern ports - ports which have the right location, the right equipment and the infra structure to the hinterland allowing a fast transport to and from the ports.


LCG has worked with developing ports and the hinterland infra structure in the Baltic, Ukraine and the Russian region where we have assisted with following services:


o    Developing strategies for the port authorities - short term and long term

o    Assist in establishing teamwork between the port and the hinterland

o    Locate and make contact to possible partners international and local

o    Assist in establishing value added logistics services, e.g. warehousing and distribution

o    Maritime and Multimodal transport globalization legal framework

o    International rules, regulations and risk assessment


LCG can act as your sparring partner and/or project manager and assist you and your organisation in the process of establishing above strategies which may be used to form a business plan. LCG can further offer to participate in the implementation of the strategies.










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